Dental Bonding Can Rejuvenate Your Smile

At Dr. George Daguiam Dentistry Awake or Asleep in Orillia, we know that dental bonding is a common procedure that can be used to improve the appearance of your teeth. By repairing or filling in cracks, chips, gaps, and/or subtly changing the shape of teeth, patients have the opportunity to effectively – and quickly! – update the look of their smile.

What’s involved with the dental bonding process?

Usually completed in just one visit, the process begins with roughening up the surface of the tooth/teeth so that the resin can be applied/bonded to it. Next, the resin material is placed and shaped. Once the desired effect has been created, we use a special light to harden the material before giving the tooth/teeth a final polish to enhance its aesthetic.

Beyond addressing minor imperfections, what are the benefits of dental bonding?

Dental bonding can be an affordable option for repairing damaged teeth. It is not as durable as other cosmetic options, such as veneers or crowns, but it can last for many years with proper care.

How should teeth that have been bonded be cared for?

Teeth that have undergone bonding treatment require the same care as your natural teeth, so be sure to brush twice and floss once each day and see us for regular checkups so that any issues can be detected early.

If you are interested in dental bonding, please call us to schedule a consultation. We will be happy to discuss whether this is the right treatment option for you!

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